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What is an implant? Who can it be done?

Natural teeth decay, accident etc. It can be lost for such reasons. With implant treatment, it is possible to reconstruct toothless cavities as if the person is his own. Implant treatment can be applied to any patient who has completed jaw development and is in good health.

Can teeth whitening treatment be applied to individuals who smoke? How long will the effect last?

Care should be taken in the first days after tooth whitening, as the teeth are sensitive to color changes. Attention should be paid to smoking, colored food, cigarettes and beverages for the period recommended by your doctor.

What could be the cause of my bad breath?

The common cause of bad breath is gingivitis caused by dental calculus. Failure to brush teeth regularly and tooth decay are the causes of bad breath. The plaque accumulated around incomplete 20-year-old teeth is difficult to clean and causes a bad odor.

Can my teeth be intervened despite the melting of my jawbone?

Yes, it can. Melting of the jawbone does not interfere with the treatment of teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to treat the teeth for the treatment of the melting of the jawbone. But because of the melting of the jawbone, you need to see a gum disease specialist.

Is there any difference between 20 tooth extraction and normal tooth extraction?

If there are no problems such as the position of the 20 teeth in the jawbone, the posture position, the size, being covered with bone or mucosa, 20 years old tooth extraction is no different from normal extraction.